About Us

Our team of Legal Specialists have been chosen with great care to ensure that we achieve the highest level of quality Client Care and Excellence in our service.

The Firm

Law Connect Solicitors is a niche, modern, forward thinking firm of Solicitors committed to providing legal services that have our Client at the focus of our mindset at all times.

  • We provide a Personal and Professional Level of Service to our Clients'
  • We work to provide the most Practical Solutions to our Clients Legal Enquiries
  • We always aim to get the best possible outcome for our Clients', in the quickest and in the most effective way, as we believe that time saved is money saved
  • We take great care to understand and appreciate our Clients' needs and expectations
  • We always work hard to get the results that our Clients' desire
  • We always aim to meet our Clients' expectations and to exceed these expectations, wherever possible.
  • Law Connect Solicitors rely heavily on repeat business so ensuring that our Clients' are satisfied with our Services gives us great confidence that our Clients' will recommend our services and retain our valued reputation
  • We believe that today is present in tomorrow and we want to build long term relationships with each and everyone of our Clients because our future and our reputation relies on our valued Clients'

Meet the Proprietor

“I am very dedicated to my law firm and taking it to it’s realms and I am very passionate about the law. I initiated my law career, in the voluntary sector, offering Legal Advice and Assistance at the Citizens Advice Bureau. It speaks for itself that I am very committed to Advising and Assisting the public on matters of the law.

I progressed then to working in private practice, for well established Law Firms and obtaining my Training and Experience, gaining a wealth of several years of Post Qualification Practice from long established Corporate Law Firms. I used this sound Knowledge and Experience to sew the seeds for my law firm, Law Connect Solicitors, which I am proud to say has flourished well and I am confident that it will continue to grow from strength to strength.

Law Connect Solicitors continues to progress itself to the Heights of Excellence in Servicing the needs of Clients and setting High Standards of Client Care. This continued progress make me very proud of my Law Firm.

I consider Law Connect Solicitors to have a Corporate Image, Corporate Style with Corporate Experience….”


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